Ex-education Minister Up to Anti-Government Mischief on Tuesday Night

A clown formed out of balloons and a photo depicting Prime Minister Igor Matovic (photo: Juraj Draxler's Facebook account)

Bratislava, March 10 (TASR) – Bratislava region police are investigating the dumping of a load of manure in front of the Government Office overnight, with former education minister Juraj Draxler (2014-16) confessing that he was responsible for this escapade on his Facebook account.

Draxler claimed that his Tuesday night was full of anti-government shenanigans. “We symbolically blocked ministries, encircling them with chains. We released a clown [formed out of balloons and a photo with a red nose – ed. note] representing Igor Matovic, which was even bigger than last time, and we also unloaded manure in front of Matovic’s gates. He dumps manure on us every day, so this was our payback time,” wrote Draxler.

The ex-minister noted that even though disputes need to be dealt with in a cultivated manner, there are lawmakers with whom it’s impossible to have any discussion. Draxler remarked that this Government’s behaviour is unprecedented, as it doesn’t respect basic rules, adopts measures without justifying them formally first, greenlights measures that are either barely in accord with the Constitution or straight up violate it, and communicates chaotically.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating the Government Office manure dumping case as an offence against public order, more specifically as pollution of a public space. The police can fine the perpetrator(s) €100.