Expert Consilium Criticises Loosening of Restrictions as Political Move

Members of the council of health experts, from left, Alena Koscalova, Elena Prokopova, Matej Misik and Zuzana Kristufkova (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, December 10 (TASR) – The expert consilium criticised the lifting of some restrictions against the COVID-19 pandemic before the Christmas holiday, adding that it was a political decision, the responsibility for which rests with politicians, reads a press release sent to TASR on Friday.

“Our proposals contained motivational advantages for the vaccinated, but also took into account the adverse epidemic situation. We perceive as particularly unfortunate the premature reopening of stores and services in exchange for the shutdown of schools. That wasn’t what the consilium proposed. Furthermore, it didn’t propose the ban on family holiday visits,” reads the text, adding that such a ban neither makes any logic nor will it be feasible in view of the extensive lifting of the restrictions.

In light of the next wave of the pandemic expected with the arrival of the omicron variant, the consilium called on the public to exercise caution. With respect to the low vaccination rate in Slovakia, the experts view too extensive relaxation of the restrictions as highly risky.

The consilium reiterated that the vaccination remains the most efficient manner of protection against the disease. They pointed out that unlike other countries, Slovakia has plenty of doses prepared and available for everyone.