Family Alliance: 179 Election Candidates Support Family Declaration

Family Alliance chairman Anton Chromik (TASR archive)

Bratislava, February 24 (TASR) – The Family Declaration that the Family Alliance (AZR) presented online on February 18 has been supported by 179 candidates for Parliament so far, AZR chairman Anton Chromik informed TASR on Wednesday.

According to Chromik, the biggest numbers of signatories are from four parties; Siet (Network), Christian Democrats (KDH), the Slovak National Party (SNS) and OLaNO-NOVA.

The declaration has been also signed by candidates from the Hungarian Community Party (SMK), Kotleba-People’s Party Our Slovakia, Courage-Great National And Pro-Russian Coalition, We Are Family-Boris Kollar, Direct Democracy and TIP.

Among party leaders there is only SNS chairman Andrej Danko.

By supporting the declaration candidates pledge that as elected MPs they will vote for all good and suitable measures so that families will be able to afford to have more children. They should also support a constitutional amendment for the right of children to have a father and mother via adoptions. They should vote against the “abuse of women in the form of uterus leasing” (in vitro fertilisation) and support increases in benefits for those who take care of larger numbers of children.

MP candidates who sign the declaration also bind themselves to supporting tax allowances for families with three or more children. They should oppose support for “LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual transsexual and intersexual) ideological propaganda” from the state budget and back a strong media law to protect the values surrounding family and marriage. Children and young people should be defended from unsuitable content on TV and radio.

Candidates for March 5 general election can find the declaration on the website (voice for family) and sign up until voting begins.