Fico: I Won’t Respond to Circus-like Absurdities

Prime Minister Robert Fico at Government session in Kezmarok (TASR)

Kezmarok, February 10 (TASR) – Prime Minister Robert Fico won’t be responding to circus-like absurdities. The Cabinet replied in this manner to a call from OLaNO-NOVA leader Igor Matovic – raised earlier on Wednesday – to have Matovic and Fico take a lie detector test together.

Fico pointed out that Matovic has failed to submit any evidence to refute that he had fictitiously sold his company to a strawman. “If someone builds their career on raising accusations against others – even accusations of serious crimes without a shred of proof – while claiming that they’re clean, then there is a strong public interest to learn whether those who point the finger without evidence also lead the lives they claim to live,” Prime Minister Fico said at a press conference held after the Government’s away-from-home session in Kezmarok (Presov region).
Fico was alluding to, among other things, the accusation Matovic made last year about he and his wife opening an bank account in Belize containing millions of dollars in ill-gotten gain.
Fico pointed out that a day before the tax audit back in 2008, Matovic had transferred his firm to the strawman, Pavel Vandak, who was without adequate funds to make such a transaction and worked to erase the history of the firm’s accounting in the process. “The statements made by the OLaNO chairman have changed absolutely nothing about the evidence provided,” said Fico.
According to the Prime Minister, Matovic has engaged in a blame game, slinging a string of vulgar insults at his Government without any evidence while claiming to be a guarantor of cleanliness in public life. “It was my duty to say this is not so. I’ll leave it to law enforcement bodies to judge whether or not a crime was committed by Mr. Matovic,” said Fico in reference to the alleged tax fraud, adding that he will respect their verdict.