Fico: Smer-SD No Longer Counts on Most-Hid, Wishes It 2.99 Percent in Election

Most-Hid chairman Bela Bugar and Smer-SD chairman Robert Fico (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 20 (TASR) – The governing Smer-SD party no longer counts on the votes of co-governing Most-Hid either at the special parliamentary session, or in the future, Smer-SD leader Robert Fico told a news conference on Thursday.

Fico rejects its coalition partner’s claims that the coalition with Smer-SD has damaged the party. “If something has damaged the party, it was its leader Bela Bugar’s laziness…I’m sure they won’t be in the future parliament and this should be God’s justice,” stated Fico, who doesn’t wish them to garner 4.99 percent, but 2.99 percent of votes in the election.

Fico called forming the government with the Slovak National Party (SNS) and Most-Hid in 2016 a historic compromise. However, Bugar hasn’t been bearing responsibility for anything for the 30 years he’s been in politics, as he hasn’t occupied any executive post. Fico claims it’s currently evident that Most-Hid has agreed with the opposition… “as it still thinks it has coalition potential and if there’s a possibility of next government, it will be a welcome partner. This is Bela Bugar’s game,” stated Fico.

Bugar criticised convening of the special parliamentary session and declared Most-Hid won’t support the proposals. Meanwhile, he gave a public promise to citizens he won’t join another coalition with Smer-SD.