Figel: KDH Ready for Closer Cooperation with Most-Hid and Siet

Figel on post-election three-party alternative (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, March 2 (TASR) – The Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) is ready for closer cooperation with the Most-Hid and Siet (Network) parties, KDH leader Jan Figel told a news conference in Bratislava on Wednesday, adding that an alternative like this is viable and compatible in terms of agendas.

“We perceive this cooperation to be the basis for an alternative for change, an alternative for responsibility and hope for Slovakia’s future after March,” said Figel. According to him, it’s impossible to make the changes needed for Slovakia with the “Siroky-Fico tandem”. [This was a reference to alleged Smer-SD sponsor Juraj Siroky. – ed. note]

“We’re going into the election to win, and we don’t consider a solo line but cooperation between those who care about positive change to be a victory for responsibility,” said Figel when asked whether the party would accept an offer of cooperation from Smer-SD.

“We’ll do our utmost for a victory for an alternative of three parties. Anything else will depend on Sunday and further developments, as we need to hold talks with these two parties to form, offer and at the same time assert such a core as an election result for the people,” said Figel.

KDH’s goal is participation in government, and it has suitable expectations from the general election. “Last time, we had 225,000 votes, and we want to increase this figure,” added Figel.

The biggest challenge for the government to arise from the upcoming election is increasing employment in Slovakia, creating new jobs, increasing people’s net incomes (and thus also living standards) and fighting corruption. “KDH is offering this. We want lower taxes, as well as an effective fight against corruption. We want to combine a policy of employment with support for families. We’re pushing for the introduction of an 18-percent flat income tax and the scrapping of tax licences, as this is a tax on losses. The minimum wage should not be taxed,” stated Figel.

The party also wants higher incomes for various categories of employees, including students and pensioners, said Figel, adding that reductions in taxes and mandatory social contributions will bring higher net salaries and more job opportunities.

In the social sphere, KDH wants to allow women to retire earlier and to lower additional payments for medicines for poorer pensioners and seriously disabled people.