Final Election Results, Juraj Droba Wins Race for Bratislava Governor

Bratislava regional governor candidate Juraj Droba's reaction to final election results on November 5, 2017 (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, November 5 (TASR) – Juraj Droba has become the new Bratislava regional governor (SaS, OLaNO, SMK-MKP, NOVA, OKS, Zmena Zdola, DU) with 20.42 percent of votes (36,864 voters), according to the final unofficial results released by the Statistics Office on early Sunday.

Droba will replace incumbent governor Pavol Freso (Independent), who ended up in the fifth place, whereas Rudolf Kusy ranked as the second (Independent/18.55 percent of votes) and Milan Ftacnik as the third (Independent/17.52 percent). The voter turnout reached 31.34 percent.

Jozef Viskupic (OLaNO, SaS, KDH, OKS, Zmena Zdola, DU) won the race for Trnava governor with 43.11 percent of votes (48,307 voters), set to replace incumbent governor Jozef Mikus (Indepedent) who finished as a runner-up (30.56 percent). The third place went to Jozsef Berenyi (SMK-MKP) on 17.02 percent of votes, with turnout equaling 24.74 percent.

In Trencin, Jaroslav Baska (Smer-SD, SNS, Most-Hid, SZ) managed to retain his governor post on 49.98 percent of votes. Renata Kascakova (SaS, OLaNO, KDH, OKS, NOVA, Zmena Zdola, DU) placed second with 25.13 percent of votes, followed by Stefan Skultety (Independent) with 13.85 percent of votes. The turnout stood at 26.32 percent.

Milan Belica (Smer-SD, SNS, Most-Hid) secured his re-election as Nitra regional governor on 34.10 percent of votes (52,184 voters), acquiring a comfortable lead ahead of Jan Gresso (SaS, OLaNO, KDH, SANCA, OKS, NOVA, Demokrati Slovenska) who ended up second with 17.24 percent and Milan Uhrik (LSNS) with 15.36 percent. The turnout reached 26.83 percent.

Erika Jurinova (OLaNO, SaS, KDH, OKS, NOVA) has become Slovakia’s first-ever female regional governor, capturing the top post in Zilina region on 43.66 percent of votes (81,868 votes). She also managed to defeat incumbent governor Juraj Blanar, who garnered only 29.77 percent of votes, with the turnout equalling 33.84 percent.

Jan Lunter (Independent) has won the race in Banska Bystrica region with 48.53 percent of votes (99,169 votes), thus defeating incumbent far-right governor Marian Kotleba (LSNS) who acquired 23.24 percent of votes. The turnout reached 40.29 percent.

In Kosice region, Rastislav Trnka (KDH, SaS, OLaNO, NOVA, Sanca) and incumbent Kosice mayor Richard Rasi (Smer-SD, SMK-MKP, Strana Zelenych} went neck and neck for the entire race, with Trnka notching a close win on 37.8 percent of votes to Rasi’s 37.24 percent. The turnout equalled 26.73 percent.

Finally, for the first time in 16 years Presov region has new governor in Milan Majersky (SaS, KDH, OLaNO, NOVA) who defeated incumbent governor Peter Chudik (Smer-SD) by almost 15,000 votes.