Five Siet MPs Don’t Trust Prochazka, Setting Up Platform

Siet's Andrej Hrnciar. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 27 (TASR) – Five Siet (Network) MPs – Martin Fedor, Andrej Hrnciar, Katarina Csefalvayova, Eduard Adamcik and Igor Janckulik – on Monday announced that they don’t trust party chairman Radoslav Prochazka anymore, and have set up a ‘Platform for Responsible Policies’ supporting the Government.

They made the announcement after leaving the Siet presidium session early.

According to Fedor, Prochazka “doesn’t represent our opinions and attitudes”.

The five legislators pledged support for the Government Manifesto. “We also support and call for fulfilment of Siet’s political priorities as presented and written down when the Coalition Government was being set up,” said Fedor, a former defence minister for SDKU.

Hrnciar explained before journalists why they left the presidium session shortly after its beginning. It was allegedly because Prochazka refused to retract his decision on excluding Hrnciar and Fedor from the party’s top body. “For us, such a presidium has lost its legitimacy,” said Hrnciar, describing Prochazka’s move as undemocratic.

Prochazka based his decision on ousting Hrnciar as Siet first vice-chairman and Fedor as a presidium member for allegedly negotiating behind his back with Smer-SD and Most-Hid on cooperation in Parliament.

According to Hrnciar, however, Prochazka wanted him to vacate the post of parliamentary vice-chairman in exchange for some posts for his aides at the Transport, Construction and Regional Development Ministry. Prochazka allegedly ousted him as party vice-chairman because he turned the offer down.

The only unmentioned of the seven Siet MPs is Alena Basistova, who remained at the session. She told journalists that she expects an early party congress to take place to resolve the situation. She said that she herself isn’t interested in running for the post. However, when asked about Prochazka she responded that he should consider where the party is heading and how he’s been communicating as of late.