Former President Schuster Among First to Get COVID-19 Jab in Kosice

Former Slovak president Rudolf Schuster receiving a vaccine against COVID-19. (Photo by TASR)

Kosice, December 27 (TASR) – Former president Rudolf Schuster, 86, was among the first people to get a vaccine against coronavirus in Kosice on Sunday.

“I’m accustomed to vaccines, as I’ve walked around three times in Brazilian jungle. I was also inoculated against flu in November. However, this is extraordinary vaccination, as we can see the havoc caused by COVID-19 throughout the world. So we should be happy that vaccine has seen the light of the day and concerns are unnecessary. It’s certainly a rescue in my age, with two bypass surgeries and various diseases that I’ve fought off,” said Schuster, who served as Slovakia’s president in 1999-2004.