Former Siet Figure Alena Basistova Joins SNS

MP Alena Basistova during an eventually unsuccessful campaign for Kosice mayor in 2018. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, November 25 (TASR) – Independent MP Alena Basistova, who was elected to Parliament in 2016 as a member of Radoslav Prochazka’s Siet (Network) party, has joined the co-governing Slovak National Party (SNS) and its parliamentary caucus, Parliamentary Chairman and SNS chief Andrej Danko announced on Monday.

“We have among us a new SNS member, MP Alena Basistova,” said Danko at a press conference, adding that SNS has thus 16 members of its caucus.

Siet disintegrated shortly after it joined a governing coalition with Smer-SD, SNS and Most-Hid in the spring of 2016. Basistova then became an independent MP and has voted consistently with the governing coalition ever since.