Gov’t Withdraws Bill That Should Have Changed MPs’ Salaries

Bratislava, May 16 (TASR) – MPs won’t decide at the current parliamentary session on changes in the salaries of constitutional officials, as the Government has approved the withdrawal of a draft amendment to the law on salaries of some constitutional officials.

The legal norm, which was at its second reading, originally mentioned the freezing of salaries, but the coalition was supposed to have presented a systemic change in remuneration. It isn’t known how exactly the pay of MPs and other constitutional officials should change.
Some time ago the coalition leaders announced that the salaries of MPs and other constitutional officials won’t be calculated from the average mean salary in Slovakia but from the median value.
Another change should have been that MPs’ salaries wouldn’t be divided into two parts. Lump-sum allowances would thus be added to the basic salary, and the whole component would be subject to levies. Lump-sum allowances are exempt from these at the moment. MPs haven’t said yet whether or not salaries will go up and by how much after the changes. An amount of between €100-300 has been mentioned.