Harabin: Kotleba and I Share Opinions, But Key Differences as Well

Homeland party election leader Stefan Harabin (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, October 17 (TASR) – Supreme Court judge Stefan Harabin, reacting to Wednesday’s (October 16) call by far-right LSNS party leader Marian Kotleba for a joint approach to the 2020 general election, told a news conference on Thursday that he can imagine cooperating with anyone who promotes the same ideas as those formulated by his new Homeland party.

Harabin, who announced in early October that he is Homeland’s election leader, stated that he has common opinions with Kotleba, but there are also key differences between them. “And my attitude is consistent – I’m not going to change my opinion on recognising the results of World War II, I won’t change my opinion on the importance of the SNP [Slovak National Uprising] as an expression of resistance to fascism, and I won’t change my opinion on the Holocaust tragedy, either,” said Harabin.

When it comes to uniting forces in connection with the upcoming general election, Harabin believes that it is mainly people who care about the country’s fate who should unite.