Heger “Regrets” House’s Failure to Give Consent to Remand Fico in Cutody

Premier Eduard Heger (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, May 5 (TASR) – Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO) has stated on his Facbook account that he regrets the fact that Parliament on Wednesday failed to give its consent to law enforcement to remand Smer-SD head Robert Fico in custody.

According to Heger, the coalition, despite this failure, must continue working. The premier noted that he wants the coalition to be one of reforms, and not one that simply maintains the status quo. As for the two former OLaNO MPs who didn’t support the motion and were subsequently expelled from the OLaNO caucus, Heger claimed that OLaNO remains an anti-graft party.

“MPs had a unique opportunity to prove that the days of undeserved privileges for MPs are over. This did not happen because MPs of coalition movement We Are Family and, unfortunately, two OLaNO MPs, had a different opinion on the matter,” said Heger. In his opinion, these MPs didn’t want to understand the meaning of the constitutional safeguard when voting on allowing law enforcement to remand an MP to custody. He claimed that this applies to extreme cases in which democracy degenerates into totalitarianism and state authorities act illegally. “However, this is not our case, we are a democratic country, we are consolidating the rule of law, and this is how we are perceived by our partners in the European Union,” wrote Heger.

The premier said that he remains determined to head the Government and “not back down to the mafia”. Further reasons for his determination to stay at the helm lie in reforms. “Especially the reforms in the national recovery plan, which still enjoy the confidence of the governing coalition as well as the European Commission,” he added.