Heger: Slovakia Has Virus Under Control, It’s Closer to pre-COVID Life

Prime Minister Eduard Heger standing next to a screen with an inscription: "State of emergency is ending". (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, May 15 (TASR) – Slovakia is closer to returning to pre-COVID life, but it’s still far away from reaching herd immunity, said Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLANO) in a speech on RTVS on Saturday evening.

Heger said that the state of emergency (introduced on October 1, 2020) was terminated on Saturday thanks to efforts of “every single” citizen.

“The vast majority of you has accepted face masks and respirators, restricted social contacts and accepted with patience all necessary measures, which were adopted by the state in order to protect your health,” said the prime minister.

“I’m not saying that we haven’t done any mistakes. We now know much more not only about the virus, but also about what needs to be done to win,” said Heger, adding that the virus is now under control and is receding in Slovakia. He attributed these developments to the restriction of social contacts, the wearing of face masks, increased hygiene and “of course, mass vaccination”.

Almost 1.4 million people of Slovakia’s 5.5-million population have received at least one jab against coronavirus.