House Committee: Anti-inflation Package Conforms to Constitution

OLaNO MP Milan Vetrak (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 18 (TASR) – The so-called anti-inflation package is in line with the Slovak Constitution, and the controversial parts contested by President Zuzana Caputova are not unconstitutional, according to a stance for the Constitutional Court okayed by the parliamentary constitutional committee on Thursday.

The committee’s position at the same time reflects that of Parliament. It will be defended before the Constitutional Court by committee head Milan Vetrak (OLaNO). The committee insists on an oral hearing.

The president in July turned to the Constitutional Court regarding the anti-inflation package sponsored by Finance Minister Ivan Matovic (OLaNO), which was re-approved by Parliament following her veto. She asked the court to examine the package for compliance with the law and to suspend its effects.

Caputova viewed the approved package as contravening the Constitution for several reasons. She argued that it was adopted in a fast-track procedure even though there was no legal reason for doing so. She also believed that the law violates constitutional rules on budgetary responsibility and transparency.