Hrnciar to Resign as Martin Mayor, But Not Yet

Hrnciar to resign from post of Martin mayor (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 11 (TASR) – Parliamentary Vice-chair Andrej Hrnciar (Siet/Network) has told TASR that he’ll resign from the post of mayor of Martin (Zilina region), adding that he’ll do so only after the town manages to bring itself out of forced administration, however.

“We’re striving to stabilise the town, to bring it out of forced administration. I still want to prepare a budget and steps relating to the Constitutional Court,” said Hrnciar.

Deputies of Martin local council approved a mandate for mayor Hrnciar on April 4 to sign a contract with the Finance Ministry concerning the provision of €2.5 million in financial assistance.

The Finance Ministry imposed forced administration on Martin on March 24 in response to problems relating to a lost legal dispute involving €8.6 million in compensation that is supposed to be paid to a private firm. The case concerns Martinske Hole Ski Resort, the construction work on which was launched in 1995.