Kalinak: I Don’t Have to Be Sacrificed So That Government Can Go On

Ex-interior Minister Robert Kalinak (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, March 7 (TASR) – The statement made by Smer-SD officials that the governing party will try to meet the requirements of junior coalition party Most-Hid in order for the Cabinet to be able to continue heading the country doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to be sacrificed, stated Interior Minister Robert Kalinak (Smer-SD) after the Cabinet session on Wednesday.

Following the murders of journalist Jan Kuciak and his girlfriend, Most-Hid has asked for Kalinak to step down from his post.

“There will be a close discussion between Smer-SD and Most-Hid,” said Kalinak, adding that the parties will explain everything to each other at the meeting. “Because there can always be several alternatives from which a coalition partner can choose,” he stated.

Kalinak pledged to provide more answers next week. At the same time he didn’t give a clear answer as to whether or not he’s offered to resign. He currently sees himself as a “barrier” between journalists, the Opposition and the police. “Because you are putting pressure on me and not on the investigators, who thus have time and peace in which to work,” he said.

When asked whether or not Police Corps President Tibor Gaspar should stay away from the investigation into the couple’s murder due to conflict-of-interest allegations, Kalinak said that it’s a question for Gaspar. Gaspar is the brother-in-law of businessman Norbert Bodor, about whom the murdered journalist wrote in his articles, linking him with corruption scandals.