KDH Calls on Gov’t to Find Ways to Allow Higher Church Attendance

illustration picture (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, November 10 (TASR) – The extra-parliamentary Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) has called on the Government to seek, through a dialogue with Churches, a rational solution to allow a higher number of believers to attend religious services under adherence to strict rules, as the current limit of six people practically prevents them from doing so, Stano Zupa of the party’s communications department told TASR on Tuesday.

“Worship and cultural events mustn’t be at the tail end of the Government’s interests. If coronavirus-related measures are to be revised, it’s time to allow people to experience spiritual and social dimensions as well,” said KDH chairman Milan Majersky.

The Christian Democrats stressed the need to take care not only of the physical, but also spiritual and mental health of the population in order to handle the burdensome situation.

Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) is due to meet representatives of entrepreneurs who run restaurants, cinemas, theatres, gyms and sports clubs, plus representatives of schools and religious dignitaries later on Tuesday to discuss measures aiming at hindering the spread of coronavirus during the upcoming winter.