KDH Offers Caroline Liskova as Its Bratislava Mayor Candidate

KDH's Bratislava mayor candidate Caroline Liskova (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 4 (TASR) – The extra-parliamentary Christian Democratic Movement (KDH) is offering Caroline Liskova as its candidate for Bratislava mayor in the local elections, KDH leader Alojz Hlina said on Monday, adding that she might become a phenomenon of the local elections due to be held this autumn.

According to Hlina, the local elections in Bratislava will be about oligarchic titans. Only a strong story can defeat them and KDH believes that Liskova might be that person.

Hlina said that Bratislava should be a rich metropolis on the Danube River, but it is just a poor relative at the moment. “Somebody should be held accountable for what has been committed against Bratislava. Probably only a woman is able to put things in Bratislava in order. Men seem to be unable to manage it,” stated Hlina. KDH is offering her managerial skills and sincere interest in turning the capital into a well-functioning metropolis, he said.

Liskova was born in Bratislava. She has been a KDH member for seven years and has spent most of her professional life as a manager. She believes that Bratislava needs a manager with an economic background, surrounded by experts. “My vision is to offer a strategic plan until 2030 for this city called “Well-functioning Bratislava”, she said. Her priorities include building rental apartments, addressing transport and parking, substitute rental housing, effectively setting the functioning of municipal companies and the founding of a municipal company to cover maintenance and cleanliness in the city.

Liskova is launching the mobile application and website Fungujuca Bratislava (Well-functioning Bratislava) where people can report what they don’t like in the city, what needs to be changed and what they miss. “We’ll record every single note and include it in my strategic plan,” stated Liskova. She believes in her victory despite a lack of experience in local politics and the failure of the Opposition parties to agree on a joint candidate. KDH claims that it has tried to reach an agreement with the other Opposition parties on a joint procedure in the local elections in Bratislava.

In addition to Liskova, the official candidates for the Bratislava mayor post in the local elections due in November are architect and musician Matus Vallo, incumbent mayor of Bratislava’s borough of Vajnory Jan Mrva, who is running with the support of Opposition parties OLaNO, SaS and We Are Family, incumbent mayor of Bratislava’s borough of Zahorska Ves Jozef Krupa and former general director of public broadcaster Radio and Television Slovakia (RTVS) Vaclav Mika.