Kiska’s First Facebook Conference Watched by Thousands

President Andrej Kiska (Kiska's Facebook page)

Bratislava, March 1 (TASR) – On Tuesday thousands of people watched the live online conference hosted by President Andrej Kiska on Facebook, where he responded to questions and called on people to go out and vote in the March 5 Parliamentary election.

“I’m convinced that every one of us should go out to vote. The right to vote is a responsibility, but as well as an obligation to find for one self 15 or 30 minutes in order to go and put one’s ballot in the box,” said Kiska.

“If we don’t vote, our vote maybe go in favour of a party that we don’t wish to see in Parliament. Therefore, I want to ask you to call on your kith and kin to vote,” said Kiska.

When asked who is he going to vote for, Kiska said he has chosen a combination of a party he trusts and also personalities on its slate.

Asked if he wants Robert Fico to remain on as Prime Minister, Kiska responded that the new Government will be decided in the election. “In the past we as a country and as voters were able to vote right in a difficult time,” said Kiska, adding that he wishes for a government that will push health care forward as well as education. “The country’s economy is doing well, but we have to establish our priorities,” said Kiska.

Even though Kiska is eligible to run for a second term as president, a viewer was asked what Kiska will do after his term is up in 2019 and whether he would run for Parliament in 2020. “I don’t know what will happen in more than three years … I am not taking this question into consideration,” said Kiska, who said he is dedicated to fulfilling his role as president.

He also said he wants to continue with this format of online conferences in the future.