Kolikova: My Tenure as Justice Minister Depends Primarily on Prime Minister

Justice Minister Maria Kolikova (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, September 10 (TASR) – Justice Minister Maria Kolikova stated on Friday that her future tenure in her post will depend first and foremost on Prime Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO).

“When it comes to the issue of whether I will or won’t remain in the post of justice minister, the decision will primarily depend on the premier. I’ve felt his support in terms of my work at the ministry up to this point. I’ve been preparing a large-scale reform of the judiciary and a change in the post would practically either block or significantly delay it. I want to carry it out,” Kolikova told TASR.

Addressing the no-confidence motion in her initiated by Independent MPs centred around ex-premier Peter Pellegrini on Friday, Kolikova remarked that “Pellegrini has been probably startled by [the coalition’s aim] to amend paragraph 363 of the Penal Code… as well as an upcoming extensive amendment to the Penal Code, which could affect a number of charged people he knows personally”.

Pellegrini stated earlier in the day that Kolikova’s tenure raises doubts and that she is not a “reform tiger”. Another cited reason is that she’s lost her right to hold the post by leaving the For the People party, to which the Justice Ministry belongs. Pellegrini urged her to step down of her own volition.