Kollar: If Mikulec Messes It Up Now, We’ll Ask for His Removal

Parliamentary Chair Boris Kollar (stock photo by (TASR)

(Markiza, ‘Na telo’, October 10)

If Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (OLaNO) “messes it up” now, the coalition We Are Family party will submit a request for his dismissal, Parliamentary Chair and We Are Family head Boris Kollar stated on TV Markiza’s politics talk show ‘Na telo’ (Tough Questions) on Sunday in response to the adopted amendment to the State Service Act, designed to bolster powers of the interior minister to make personnel changes to senior management in the Police Corps.

“We aren’t extremely satisfied with Mikulec. However, it is true that his hands have not been untied so far. If he can’t choose co-workers and somebody is concreted there from the times of Smer-SD, you won’t do much cleansing,” said Kollar, declaring that the amendment is not about firing half of the state administration. However, he thinks that the interior minister and the new police leadership have the right to be given a chance to change things, because otherwise a reform won’t be possible.

Parliamentary Vice-chair Juraj Blanar (Smer-SD) described this amendment as “purges in the state administration”. “The Government doesn’t want to build a transparent state administration or the Police Corps. They want to have their people there and politicise it,” he said, adding that police unions, for example, also see a problem in it.