Kollar Re-elected We Are Family Chair: Party “Solid as Rock”

Parliamentary Chairman Boris Kollar speaks at a congress of his party We Are Family. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 6 (TASR) – Parliamentary Chairman Boris Kollar, facing no rival, was re-elected chairman of We Are Family at the party’s congress in Bratislava on Saturday.

Kollar in his speech pointed to the party’s success in the February general election, noting that it gained two percentage points more than four years ago (to reach 8.2 percent), thereby “silencing all those who were claiming that we were a single-use party”.

The re-elected party leader in a speech stressed that We Are Family is a stable component of the governing coalition. “There’s no internal power struggle, no fragmentation and no sentiment of unfulfilled political ambitions,” said Kollar, adding that the party is “as solid as a rock”.

Labour Minister Milan Krajniak, parliamentary caucus leader Peter Pcolinsky, MP Petra Kristufkova and Jozef Vasuta were unanimously re-elected vice-chairs. MP Jozef Lukac was unanimously elected as a new vice-chairman, while Marcela Kulifajova was in a similar fashion elected as the party’s general manager.