Kollar: Reconstruction of Government Not Looming Large

Parliamentary Chairman Boris Kollar wearing a neck brace due to an injury that he suffered in a car accident in late October. (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, December 23 (TASR) – A reconstruction of the Government “isn’t looming large”, Parliamentary Chairman Boris Kollar (We Are Family) has told TASR.

“The seats in Parliament are distributed. Current polls are utterly irrelevant. What’s important is how many MPs we have in Parliament, and it’s all clear there. If the prime minister decides to reconstruct the Cabinet or replace some ministers, it’s up to him, it’s his right,” said Kollar.

Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLANO) last week slammed Economy Minister Richard Sulik (Freedom and Solidarity/SaS) for what he called the latter’s failure to procure antigen test kits for countrywide testing for coronavirus in December. Matovic further called SaS leader an “idiot” and said that he should resign from the Cabinet by Christmas.

According to the most recent poll published on Monday, former prime minister Peter Pellegrini’s Voice-SD would come top in a general election on 22.8 percent, while Sulik’s SaS would be second on 16.2 percent, ahead of Matovic’s OLANO on 14.2 percent. Kollar’s We Are Family was only 0.7 percentage points above the 5-percent threshold needed to make it into Parliament, while the remaining coalition party, For the People, was actually below it on 4.7 percent. Nevertheless, the four-party coalition, produced from the February 29 election, has a strong majority in Parliament, comfortable enough even to pass constitutional amendments.