Kollar: We Are Family Party Growing, Each Migrant Should Be Deported

We're Family leader Boris Kollar on Tablet.tv talk show, December 22, 2016

Bratislava, December 22 (TASR) – The We Are Family party of millionaire Boris Kollar came into existence by renaming the purchased non-parliamentary party of Peter Marcek called Party of Slovak Citizens, as the original intention of registering a new political party failed during the verification of collected petition signatures by the Interior Ministry, We Are Family leader Boris Kollar has told TABLET.tv in an interview.

“We had 12,000 physically collected signatures. We submitted them and, of course, they wrote them off just like in the case of [Eduard] Chmelar [whose party wasn’t allowed to contest an election, as his petition sheets contained signatures from fictitious people – ed.note]. They refused to register our party. There was no time to start collecting [signatures] from scratch; we wouldn’t have made it in time. So, the only real option was to seek someone with an existing party,” said Kollar.

Such an approach was legitimate and in accordance with the law, emphasised the We Are Family leader, who also conceded that the completely unknown party made it into Parliament within a few months mostly because of his personal popularity.

“I’m not a standard politician, and I’ve never been a standard individual. I have quite a strange family; I’ll have ten children soon [with nine different women – ed.note]. I live a lifestyle that some condemn and others find appealing. I’m certainly not indifferent towards people, and I attract attention,” said Kollar, adding that by virtue of twenty years spent in the media spotlight, he didn’t have to introduce his party to voters two years away from the election.

Kollar has often faced media criticism, mostly due to his friendship with late entrepreneur linked to the underworld Peter Steinhubel. “If they hadn’t murdered him, I would have said, yes, I know Peter Steinhubel. Today, I can say yes, I knew him,” said Kollar, adding that they were childhood friends whose paths parted back in the early 1990s.

According to Kollar, We Are Family is now a political party that doesn’t hinge on his own personality but also on the work of colleagues in the parliamentary caucus and membership base. “We have 450 regular members and cover some 50 districts. We have district secretaries who build party structures at the district level, so we’re really morphing into a fully developed party,” he said.

Kollar’s stances on the migration crisis haven’t been subject to any change. He’s maintained that migrants don’t want to integrate and adapt to life in the EU but expect the EU to adapt to them instead. “We need to shut the door. It’s a risk. How much evidence do they need? Do they need to wait until the German chancellor is killed? Will only that serve as proof? How far do we need to go to realise that these people don’t want to adapt?” asked Kollar with respect to the latest terrorist attack in Germany.

Kollar assumes that it is possible to deport migrants en masse back to their homeland.

“Throw them out where they came from. Let’s end the war in Syria and send them back. Each and every one of them,” stressed Kollar.