Kovarik: We’re Preparing for All Variants of Border Supervision

Police Corps President Peter Kovarik (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 21 (TASR) – The Police Corps is ready for all options of border supervision, including from the easiest to a 24-hour constant control, Police Corps President Peter Kovarik stated on Monday before the meeting of the Central Crisis Management Team.

“If we decide for the most difficult mode, it’ll be very demanding. Traffic accidents are on the rise, crime is increasing, we really need to use the resources of the Police Corps in a sensible way,” stated Kovarik, assuming that in addition to the police, there will also be soldiers on the borders.

In addition to border checks and e-quarantine, the Central Crisis Management Team is also set to agree on a travel map at its meeting on Monday. “Those who are completely vaccinated will really have advantages. Even if they come from a black country, they will undergo a PCR test and will have more moderate conditions than those who are not vaccinated. There is motivation and a strong emphasis on two-dose vaccination,” said infectious disease expert Vladimir Krcmery.