Krajci: Children Could Return to Schools on Monday

Health Minister Marek Krajci (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 2 (TASR) – Nurseries and the first level of elementary schools could reopen on Monday, February 8, Health Minister Marek Krajci (OLaNO) said on Tuesday following the session of the pandemic commission.

The minister added that this should be conditional on the testing of the parents of such children. Subject to the testing of pupils, the last years of secondary vocational schools could return to schools. At the same time, the COVID automaton will be tightened up. Krajci will submit the recommendation to the Government.

Krajci reiterated that the situation in Slovakia isn’t improving even after a few weeks of the curfew. Based on a proposal from an expert consilium, the pandemic commission has tightened up the COVID automaton. Slovakia won’t be able to move from the black to the milder stage if the number of people admitted to hospitals with novel coronavirus doesn’t fall below 3,000. “The average number of people testing positive in Slovakia and the reproduction number have been tightened up by 20 percent,” he stated.