Krajci: Negative Test for Coronavirus Needed for Going to Work in 9 Districts

(Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, February 5 (TASR) – A certificate from a negative test for coronavirus not older than seven days will be required for those going to work in the nine most affected districts in Slovakia as of Wednesday (February 10), said Health Minister Marek Krajci (OLANO) after an online Government session in Friday.

Testing will also be performed in claret and districts of other colours, but less frequently, he said.

“People in districts in the second and the first [the least severe] degrees of alert will be obliged to show certificates of a negative test as of February 15. If a given district stays on the second degree, a certificate from a test not older than 14 days will be enough,” said Krajci.

According to the minister, the first, least severe degree of alert is currently in force only in the district of Velky Krtis in south-central Slovakia. If the situation doesn’t deteriorate there, it will be enough for the locals to show a certificate of negative test not older than 21 days to be permitted to go to work.

If anyone wants to use public transport, they’ll have to be tested every seven days, however, even in the best districts.

The following districts are now in black: Partizanske, Sala, Zlate Moravce, Revuca, Roznava, Banovce nad Bebravou, Hlohovec, Trnava and Ziar nad Hronom.