Krajniak Survives No-confidence Motion

Labour Minister Milan Krajniak (photo by TASR)
Bratislava, November 4 (TASR) – Labour Minister Milan Krajniak (We Are Family) on Thursday withstood the opposition’s no-confidence motion in him, as Parliament failed to dismiss him, with only 48 of the 131 MPs present voting in favour of his ouster.

The motion was supported by MPs from Smer-SD and People’s Party Our Slovakia (LSNS), plus the majority of Independents. Meanwhile, the caucuses of the coalition parties supported the minister.
The opposition reproached Krajniak over a recent discovery that millions of euros from state pandemic aid schemes had been sent to letterbox companies. The minister defended himself by claiming that he started to take action on the matter as soon as he learnt about the suspect payments and that the fraud took place despite properly working checks.
At the same time, the opposition maintained that the resources provided via aid schemes for employees, employers and the self-employed have been insufficient. Krajniak countered by stating that his ministry has paid out approximately €3.3 billion for this purpose.