Kristufkova Ousted from Committee for Supervising Military Intelligence

Petra Kristufkova (Stock photo by TASR)
Bratislava, May 9 (TASR) – Parliament with 73 votes (from the 137 MPs present) has recalled Opposition MP Petra Kristufkova (We Are Family) from the parliamentary committee for supervising Military Intelligence, TASR learnt on Wednesday.

The MPs did so in line with a proposal of Slovak National Party (SNS) vice-chairman Anton Hrnko, who doesn’t like Kristufkova’s former contacts with the Mafia.
Nearly all Smer-SD members voted for Kristufkova’s ouster, while only Jan Podmanicky and Marek Madaric were against. All SNS MPs supported the proposal, and only Martin Fedor abstained from voting from Most-Hid. Opposition OLaNO MPs didn’t vote, and most members of the far-right LSNS abstained.
The Opposition announced in advance that it wouldn’t support Hrnko’s proposal. Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) Vice-chair Lubomir Galko emphasised that Kristufkova isn’t facing any criminal motion or prosecution and that her past has been known for a long time.
“If you recall me, I’ll survive it,” said Kristufkova before the vote, adding that she has nothing to hide. She pointed out that Hrnko and SNS head and parliamentary chair Andrej Danko have known about her past for at least two years and that they approved her membership of the committee.
Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) said earlier that if the coalition ousted Petra Kristufkova from the parliamentary committee, it would begin talks within the Opposition concerning the possibility of all Opposition heads of parliamentary committees giving up their posts.