Madaric: Coalition Partner’s Meeting over Early Election Is Unacceptable

Outgoing Culture Minister Marek Madaric (Smer-SD). (Photo by TASR)

Bratislava, December 14 (TASR) – It’s not really okay if Parliamentary Chairman and the governing Slovak National Party (SNS) leader Andrej Danko meets leader of Opposition Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party Richard Sulik over the issue of an early election, Culture Minister and Smer-SD vice-chair Marek Madaric said before the Cabinet session on Wednesday.

Madaric said this in reaction to the meeting between Danko and Sulik which was admitted to by the two politicians on Sunday’s (December 11) talk show aired by the public service RTVS. “Politicians can meet, it’s rather about what they were talking about,” he said.

“If it’s true, but I stress if it’s actually true that a governing coalition partner discussed an early election with an opposition leader, I don’t find it to be really acceptable,” stated Madaric.

Defence Minister Peter Gajdos said on Wednesday that, concerning this issue, he is sticking to SNS’s position, for whom he is a nominee. SNS on Tuesday (December 13) said it has not been developing any activities leading towards an early election in Slovakia. SNS leader Danko stressed that the party is a part of the governing coalition and it has not done and does not intend on doing anything that might weaken the coalition.

“I publicly declare that I will not run for the prime ministerial post as long as I do not win an election. I’ve been serving in my post with humility and I strive to help people with my work,” said Danko.