Madaric: I Haven’t Created Project for Faction within Smer-SD Now

Culture Minister Marek Madaric casts his vote in an election of a new Smer-SD vice-chair due to replace him following his resignation. (Photo by TASR)

Martin, November 9 (TASR) – Culture Minister Marek Madaric, who recently resigned as Smer-SD vice-chairman, after the party convention in Martin (Zilina region) on Saturday told journalists that he hasn’t created a faction within Smer-SD, albeit he doesn’t feel to be alone harbouring some critical views after what he calls as failed regional elections.

“[Deputy Prime Minister for Investment and Informatisation] Peter Pellegrini, at least, has also expressed the need of some self-reflection,” said Madaric, adding that he also met at the convention quite a few rank-and-file party members who share his views.

“But even if I were alone, this wouldn’t change anything on my posture,” he stressed.

According to him, it’s normal to see the existence of various opinion platforms in big established parties abroad. “This isn’t viewed as disintegration, but as enrichment,” he said.

Madaric wasn’t specific who should be replaced in response to what he earlier in his speech indicated as a loss of the party’s energy and trustworthiness.

“It’s been stated that the replacement of some three regional chairs is being considered. Meanwhile, I didn’t receive broader support for my call for major changes. So I didn’t deem it as useful to state who should leave, therefore. I’m not usurping the right to be the judge here,” said Madaric, adding that he resigned as he had felt to be a “dissonant” element in the party, while his statements “weren’t making others happy”.

“I’m not considering to leave the party at the moment. I’d even state that I’m an opponent of moves to be seen frequently with someone holding a senior party post leaving immediately after their failure in order to set up a new party. I believe in social democracy and its long-term existence. One needn’t be at the helm throughout its existence. He can also serve as an ordinary member. So, I remain an ordinary member of Social Democracy,” added Madaric.