Matovic Curious to See What Investigation Into Kyselica’s VS Stint Uncovers

Prime Minister Igor Matovic (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 12 (TASR) – If it is confirmed that the Interior Ministry’s ex-state secretary Lukas Kyselica was keeping tabs on OLaNO party on behalf of Military Intelligence (VS), it would constitute a “dramatic” misuse of the secret services for political ends, Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) stated during the Government’s session on Wednesday.

If the allegations against Kyselica are proven true, if she were in Kyselica’s shoes, ‘For the People’ party leader Veronika Remisova would reconsider his intention to take up a lawmaker’s seat in Parliament.

“I’m waiting for the investigation, curious to see what it uncovers. If this is confirmed as true, it would mean a dramatic misuse of the secret services for political ends, which flies in the face of the law and the very purpose of secret services,” the Prime Minister told reporters.

Matovic doesn’t see any problem with the fact that Kyselica plans to be sworn in as an MP and maintains that Kyselica is a hero. “If he was tasked by someone to disintegrate the political party and, according to my information, he hasn’t done anything of the kind in the matter – because I would have known if he had been assigned to disintegrate us – then in that case he would essentially be a hero,” he said.

Remisova doesn’t subscribe to quite the same view, though. “If it’s proven true, I would reconsider his future in Parliament if I were him,” she claimed.

“If there’s veracity to the media reports, then the Military Intelligence was aware of Kyselica’s plans to run [for Parliament] and yet allowed him to serve as an operative anyway,” pointed out Remisova. “That calls into question how many such operatives of the Military Intelligence are active in other political parties, what are their tasks and to whom they feed their reports.”

Remisova advocates the convening of an extraordinary session of the House Committee for Supervision of Military Intelligence Activities and stripping Kyselica of the need to maintain confidentiality.