Mika Leaves SaS Slate, Doesn’t Want It to Be Questioned due to Him

Vaclav Mika (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, October 3 (TASR) – Ex-general director of public service broadcaster RTVS Vaclav Mika is giving up his spot on the Freedom and Solidarity slate for the 2020 general election, as he’s of the opinion that ever since SaS head Richard Sulik put him on his slate draft on Monday, the slate has been questioned because of him.

“I’ve personally experienced intrigue and defamation from the so-called SaS Democratic Core. As a result I’ve made a free and responsible decision. Today, I announced to SaS head Richard Sulik that I’m giving up my candidacy for the post of MP in the upcoming general election,” stated Mika, adding that he remains a sympathiser of the party.

Mika explained that he accepted Sulik’s offer in the first place as he’s keen to return the country to the people by joint endeavour. “I’m sorry that neither results nor logical explanations to critical questions carry weight in this day and age. Today, it’s often emotions and the light in which someone purposefully portrays you that decides, even if you have a clear professional history with which you have no problem being confronted,” he explained, thanking Sulik and other party members for placing their trust in him. According to him, SaS offers a quality programme that Slovakia needs.