Mikulec Expects Checks on Border with Czech Republic to Be Random

Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, September 16 (TASR) – Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (OLaNO) assumes that checks at the border with the Czech Republic, which will be added to the list of high-risk countries from Friday (September 18), will take place at random.

However, how they will function specifically is still under discussion. “A discussion regarding a technical solution is still ongoing,” said the minister before the Cabinet session, noting that checks won’t mean that the border will be closed. He declined to comment on the potential need for cross-border commuters to show confirmation from their employers, only stating that chief hygienist Jan Mikas must issue a respective regulation.

Mikulec was also asked whether the Pandemic Commission hasn’t caused chaos with regards to the situation in the past couple of days, as Prime Minister Igor Matovic’s (OLaNO) has cancelled its decisions. “I don’t think that chaos would arise here. The Pandemic Commission is an advisory body, and I think it’s been doing a very good job,” he said. According to him, experts deserve respect for the many hours that they sit on the commission, trying to consider all the circumstances influencing the adoption of draft measures. “An advisory body is here to advise, and then there are other bodies to make decisions.