Most-Hid and SNS: Gaspar Should No Longer Be Police Corps President

Police Corps President Tibor Gaspar (photo by TASR)

Police Corps President Tibor Gaspar should no longer hold his post, representatives of governing Slovak National Party (SNS) and Most-Hid indicated on TA3’s programme ‘V politike’ (In Politics) on Sunday.

“If I were him, I would no longer be in that post,” stated Radovan Balaz of SNS. “It’s undesirable and unimaginable that people who are so much distrusted by the public remain in their posts,” stated Gabor Gal of Most-Hid.
Gal said that in the future government Most-Hid wants to put pressure on changing how the Police Corps president is elected, as well as increasing the independence of police inspection. “We’ve already obtained a proposal for changing the election process from the Interior Ministry; however, it’s not very good,” stated Gal. He is curious about the new minister’s name, adding that “this issue is open and there’s a will for change on Most-Hid’s part”.
“We are not against changing how the Police Corps president is elected, either,” said Balaz, stressing the need to increase the process’s transparency. “However, I would also wait for a new interior minister,” stated Balaz, adding that the issue needs to be discussed within the coalition first.
Lubos Blaha (Smer-SD), who was also on the show, defended Gaspar. He said that “each government nominee for this post will now be viewed as untrustworthy”. “It’s not about the person Tibor Gaspar,” said Blaha, adding that various media games are being played here in order to subvert the state. Blaha does not think that the current situation can be resolved by stripping the government, which is responsible for the country’s security, of the possibility to address personnel policies in the field of security and police.