Most-Hid Considers Shifting Date of its Republican Council to March 13

Most-Hid party (photo by TASR)

Junior governing party Most-Hid is considering shifting the date of its Republican Council session from Monday (March 12) to Tuesday (March 13), the party’s spokesperson Klara Debnar told TASR on Wednesday.

“Most-Hid’s Republican Council session has been convened for March 12. However, March 13 is now being considered in order to enable all district councils to hold sessions before that. We’ve informed our [coalition] partners about this possibility. However, a date later than March 13 is out of the question,” said Debnar, adding that the party will announce the final date soon.

The mixed Hungarian-Slovak party convened the Republican Council session to debate its future in the Government following Interior Minister Robert Kalinak’s (Smer-SD) statement that he wouldn’t resign.