Most-Hid, SMK and Solidarity to Form Joint Ethnic-Hungarian Party

Most-Hid chair Laszlo Solymos (right), Solidarity chair Mozes Szabolcs (centre) and SMK chair Krisztian Forro (left) (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, August 7 (TASR) – Ethnic-Hungarian political parties have agreed on co-operation, will form a joint ethnic-Hungarian political party, Party of Hungarian Community (SMK) chairman Krisztian Forro told media following the talks held by representatives of the SMK, Most-Hid and Osszefogas-Spolupatricnost (Solidarity) extra-parliamentary parties on Friday.

“The most important thing is there’s a consensus that we want to create a single strong political party based on the principles of democracy, belonging to Europe, and that we want to have a strong representation for ethnic-Hungarian and other minorities and a strong representation for the region,” said Most-Hid chairman Laszlo Solymos.

The joint party’s effort will be to represent the community in southern and eastern Slovakia, said Forro, adding that different opinions can be combined within various platforms of the party.

“In addition to unity, it is important for us that there’s a renewal and that new people enter politics with new ideas. We also view it as important that the unity is built on issues, as voters are interested in issues and not structure,” said Solidarity chairman Szabolcs Mozes.
The parties will now set up working groups to ensure that the principles and agenda of the future Hungarian party are drawn up, said Forro. They will also set up a working group to deal with the technical side of the party’s establishment, he added.
Solymos said that on August 20 they will sign a joint declaration on the fastest possible establishment of the party.