MP Janckulik Leaves Most-Hid and Governing Coalition

MP Igor Janckulik (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, March 2 (TASR) – MP Igor Janckulik is leaving the Most-Hid caucus and the governing coalition, as he considers it unacceptable when people in top political posts cultivate ties with extremely shady individuals who are suspected of affiliations with the Mafia and even face prosecution in their home country, TASR learnt on Friday.

Janckulik will serve as an Independent MP in Parliament. “I’m announcing my decision to withdraw my support for the governing coalition,” he said. As an Independent MP, Janckulik plans to continue trying to help ordinary people in the same manner as before. He parted ways with Most-Hid chair Bela Bugar in a correct fashion, informing him of his decision beforehand.

“By his actions today, Mr. Janckulik has confirmed the stance that he announced at yesterday’s session of the party presidium,” TASR was told by Most-Hid spokesperson Klara Debnar.

On Thursday (March 1), Bugar urged Interior Minister Robert Kalinak (Smer-SD) to resign. Based on how Smer-SD chooses to react to this call, Most-Hid will adopt a stance. It’s not clear yet how long Most-Hid will wait for Smer-SD’s response. “However, we won’t wait for a year. I think that even [Prime Minister] Robert Fico [Smer-SD] appreciates the gravity of the situation,” stated Bugar at the time. On the other hand, Bugar doesn’t believe that it’s necessary to sacrifice the Cabinet as a whole

Janckulik made it into Parliament in the 2016 general election on the slate of Siet (Network) party. When the party imploded, Janckulik switched to the Most-Hid caucus alongside other former Siet members, thus boosting Most-Hid’s caucus size to 15. After joining Bugar’s party, Janckulik became Government Proxy for Expressways. Whether or not he remains in the post will hinge on agreement within the Government, which nominated him for the job.