MPs Okay Extension of State of Emergency

Slovak Parliament (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, April 1 (TASR) – In their vote on Thursday, MPs have approved the extension of the state of emergency, TASR learnt on the same day.

Of 96 MPs present, 78 voted in favour, 15 were against. The re-extended state of emergency will last for another 40 days from March 20.

The lawmakers discussed the extension of the state of emergency on Thursday afternoon and evening. The extension of the state of emergency was decided by the government on March 17. Parliament had to approve it, no later than 20 days from the effective date.

In the justification of the extension, the government points out that the lives and health of people continue to be endangered and that the spread of the so-called more aggressive British mutation of COVID-19 will lead to further irreparable and substantial loss of life or fundamental threat to health throughout Slovakia.

The government also noted that despite improving figures and declining morbidity, the epidemiological situation remains fragile and the early lifting of the measures could lead to a worsening of the situation.