New Website Monitoring EU Funds Projects Launched

(stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, June 13 (TASR) – The Stop Corruption Foundation has launched a new website called (where EU funds go) aimed at better monitoring the projects funded by EU funds, TASR learnt on Wednesday.

People will have better information about the EU-funded projects in their towns and villages and they can also point to suspicious activities concerning the projects.

According to Stop Corruption director Pavol Sibyla, EU funds aren’t just abstract billions from Brussels, but concrete projects scattered throughout dozens of towns and villages in Slovakia. These projects include, for instance, the construction of household waste recycling centres, the purchase of new machines in companies or providing thermal insulation for school buildings. “No one can supervise thousands of projects across the country, only the people living near them can. That’s why we wanted to create a tool that makes it possible for people to search projects and monitor what should be done within them,” said Sibyla.

The foundation has used the data on EU funds from the 2014-20 programming period. “Unfortunately, we still lack the data concerning EU funds in the agriculture sector, as the Agricultural Payment Agency publishes the minimum of the data and only on its own website,” said Matej Hruska of Stop Corruption.