No New RTVS Head Elected, Reznik and Mika into Second Round

TASR general director Jaroslav Reznik (left) and incumbent RTVS head Vaclav Mika

Bratislava, June 15 (TASR) – None of the eight candidates running for the post of general director of public broadcaster Radio and Television Slovakia (RTVS) mustered enough support in the first round of a secret vote in Parliament on Thursday to be elected.

The two candidates that garnered the greatest amount of support  – head of the News Agency of the Slovak Republic (TASR) Jaroslav Reznik with 73 votes and incumbent RTVS head Vaclav Mika with 53 votes – will be pitted against each other in a second-round face-off.

A total of 147 legislators took part in the voting, with Reznik falling short of being elected by a single vote.

The vote’s second round is scheduled for 11.00 a.m. on Tuesday, June 20.

The term of the RTVS general director spans five years.

“A word of thanks for the votes I’ve received, and I’m looking forward to the second round,” Reznik told TASR.

Mika also expressed gratitude for the votes cast in favour of his bid. “I appreciate all expressions of recognition for the work and results of RTVS’s incumbent management. I’m also thankful for the trust displayed in me and that I and my team will be able to put up a fight again in the second round,” said Mika.