OLaNO: Opposition’s Motion to Oust Kolikova Nothing New Under the Sun

MP Gabor Grendel (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, September 10 (TASR) – With its proposal to oust Justice Minister Maria Kolikova, the opposition is coming up with nothing new under the sun, House vice-chair Gabor Grendel (OLaNO) claimed on Friday.

Grendel told the opposition to keep out of the coalition’s affairs, as the coalition can and will handle its own agreement itself.

“In the case of minister Mikulec as well as minister Kolikova, the opposition is capable of diligently recycling its own motions, but it comes up with nothing new. We thank the opposition very much for caring about the coalition agreement. It’s probably hard for them to adjust to the fact that for the first time in twelve years they are no longer sitting on the Coalition Council. But we’ll settle this our own way,” Grendel declared at a press conference.

OLaNO wants to address any potential changes to the distribution of Government posts with its partners first. “We unequivocally maintain that if the coalition agreement is to stay in force, it needs to be observed to the letter. If it isn’t to stay in force, we need to talk about which ministries belong to whom,” said OLaNO caucus chair Michal Sipos.

“We’ll discuss the specifics with our coalition partners first. If there’s no deal, we’ll announce it.”