Opposition Protests against Government, Wants Early Election

Smer-SD head Robert Fico at a protest rally of opposition parties in front of the Presidential Palace on January 26, 2022 (photo by TASR)

Bratislava, January 26 (TASR) – People gathered in front of the Presidential Palace on Wednesday evening to protest against the Government, the Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA) with the USA, mandatory vaccinations or rising food and energy prices, TASR learnt on the same day.

Representatives of several opposition parties spoke of an early parliamentary election, considering them to be the only possible way out of the current situation.

“Slovakia must be ready for a citizens’ uprising against the Government,” said Smer-SD head Robert Fico, announcing the approaching start of a petition for a referendum on a snap election. It should also include a question concerning US bases in Slovakia and rising prices. Fico claims that Russia doesn’t threaten Slovakia in any way.

In addition to the opposition Smer-SD, which organised the protest, representatives of extra-parliamentary parties also appeared on the stage, including Matus Sutaj Estok of Voice-SD, Slovak National Party (SNS) head Andrej Danko and Artur Bekmatov of the Socialisti.sk party.