Parliament Approves Vaccination Lottery

Slovak Parliament (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, July 2 (TASR) – Parliament on Friday approved two Finance Ministry-sponsored bills that will introduce financial aid for travel agencies to help them with reimbursing advance payments to clients who couldn’t go on paid trips due to the pandemic and related measures and financial compensation for people who already have or will opt to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

As for the bill on rewards for vaccinated individuals, the legislation will allow the Finance Ministry to organise a lottery on a weekly basis, with the prize pool being capped at €2 million per draw. People will get a ticket for each shot they’ve received, while those who’ve been vaccinated with the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine will also get two tickets. All the vaccinated aged over 18 can join the lottery – even those who already received their jabs earlier in the past.

The ministry will also be able to reward those who persuade other people to get vaccinated. This reward is to be scaled according to age. The bonus will equal €30 if a person aged above 50 is persuaded to get vaccinated, €60 in the case of the people under 60 and €90 in the case of seniors aged 60+. At the same time, the limit for how many persuaded individuals one vaccination facilitator can be paid is set at 50.