Parliamentary Chair Andrej Danko Welcomes Higher Voter Turnout

Parliamentary Chairman and SNS leader Andrej Danko. (Stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, November 5 (TASR) – Parliamentary chair Andrej Danko (Slovak National Party) welcomes the fact that voter turnout in the Saturday (November 4) regional election saw higher numbers than in the previous 2013 election and thanked everyone who chose to exercise their franchise.

“I welcome the higher turnout in the election to regional bodies. It is only via turnout that we can send a message as to what we wish to accomplish in our region. The Higher Territorial Units (VUCs) command direct influence over the direction in which our regions are developed, so their power shouldn’t be underestimated,” claimed Danko.

The parliamentary chair accepts the election results, pointing out that from SNS’s point of view the number of its members on regional councils has gone up in comparison to the previous term.