Parliamentary Chair Danko Released from Hospital

Parliamentary Chairman and Slovak National Party Leader Andrej Danko (stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, May 2 (TASR) – Parliamentary Chairman and Slovak National Party (SNS) leader Andrej Danko, who underwent stomach surgery on April 25, was released from the National Oncology Institute (NOU) in Bratislava on Monday in order to receive assisted care at home, NOU spokesperson Viktoria Vasilenkova told TASR on the same day.

Danko’s current condition doesn’t require any further cancer treatment. “There weren’t any complications after the operation. He’s started moving and eating. He’s recuperating very quickly,” said Vasilenkova.

The disease affected only the stomach wall, which is why doctors opted for surgery, noted Vasilenkova.

Danko is supposed to rest for at least 14 days and follow a strict diet. He’ll also have to go for regular check-ups at the Slovak Medical University’s Oncology Surgery Clinic, added the spokesperson.

The parliamentary chairman feels reasonably well and is glad to be home. He told TV Markiza that he still feels some pain and will have to undergo further examinations. The results of histological analyses are good, however. “My treatment doesn’t require any radiotherapy, radiology or pills,” said Danko, adding that he’d like to return to work in no more than two weeks.