Pellegrini Begins Official Talks on Forming Next Government

Designated Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (TASR archive)

Bratislava, March 16 (TASR) – Designated Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD), tasked with forming a new Government, launched official talks on the configuration of his Cabinet on Friday, and these talks are slated to continue throughout the weekend, TASR learnt on the same day.

“I can offer assurances already that the Government will maintain its clear pro-European orientation and that this Government will continue projects that got off to a good start. Mostly, I hope that this will be the Government to calm down the situation in our country,” said Pellegrini.

The next prime minister also voiced concern over the fire that broke out in a building that houses the Smer-SD regional office in Zilina. “I’m quite concerned about what happened in Zilina, where someone attempted to put the regional party office to the torch. Also because of this, I’d like to ask you all not to succumb to passions and strong emotions during gatherings at public squares and not to let yourselves be provoked into anything. Take care of yourselves and, most importantly, express your views freely but in a manner appropriate for a democratic country – in line with our laws and code of polite behaviour. Let me thank you all once again in advance for this,” he claimed.

Peter Pellegrini is not limited by any time constraints in his task of forming the next Government, although he assured journalists on Thursday (March 15) that it’s in his interest to “have changes in the Government occur within days and not weeks or months”.