Pellegrini: Fico Left Mark Like Nobody Before Him and Will Keep Doing So

Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini. (Stock photo by TASR)

Bratislava, March 23 (TASR) – Robert Fico (Smer-SD) as a three-time prime minister has left a significant mark in Slovak politics, like nobody has done before, and he will continue to do so as leader of Smer-SD, whose programme pillars have been reflected in the new Government’s Manifesto, new Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD) said in Parliament while introducing the Government Manifesto and seeking the confidence for his Cabinet.

“I thank President Andrej Kiska, who respected the rules of parliamentary democracy by not succumbing to media and political pressures for its dismantling and changing the parliamentary system into a presidential one,” said Pellegrini. He voiced his hope that politicians will start working for the people again following the appointment of the new Government and the approval of its Manifesto. “I would view it as the demonstration of a statesmanlike policy if the Opposition were to support the Government Manifesto, too. However, we will probably not live to see it,” stated Pellegrini.

Pellegrini labelled Thursday’s (March 22) appointment of his Cabinet as a milestone that should restore stability in the country and turn attention towards the actual problems of the people. “The Government Manifesto is taking over the goals and plans of the previous government. It’s logical. The previous government has already met several goals and the new Government wants to continue in that. We’re ready to start working immediately. We cannot ask and will not ask for any 100 days to familiarise ourselves with the situation at the ministries. I expect my colleagues to work at more than 100 percent,” said Pellegrini.

The past month will go down in history as one of the country’s breakthrough moments. “The premeditated murder stirred unprecedented emotions and passions that led to a political crisis. Two young people’s deaths hit everyone. If the journalist’s work was a motive for his murder, it’s an attack on the democratic pillars of the state and the freedom of speech. It’s our duty to duly investigate the murder and punish its offenders,” stated Pellegrini.

The new prime minister called on the public to let the police work. “I trust investigators, let’s not misuse this topic. New Interior Minister Tomas Drucker’s (Smer-SD) role is to create as good as possible conditions for the police work. This tragedy can’t be investigated in the streets, nor in the newspapers or at the polling stations,” stressed Pellegrini.

According to Pellegrini, people went out into the squares to freely express their opinion. “I’m thankful that there was no violence, no rioting,” noted Pellegrini. He finds it logical that the Opposition is trying to get to power. “However, politics also has a statesmanlike dimension, which is responsibility vis-a-vis one’s own country. A snap election would not solve anything, it would only deepen the turmoil and create confusion,” said Pellegrini. He emphasised that a clear majority in Parliament has declared its support for completing the work of the current coalition, which arose from democratic elections.

The new Slovak prime minister intends to speak in the European Parliament to take a clear position and reclaim several untruths and lies that have been spread about Slovakia.