Peter Slysko Voice-SD’s Candidate for Zilina Regional Governor

Voice-SD's candidate for Zilina regional governor post Peter Slysko (photo by TASR)

Cicmany, July 7 (TASR) – Peter Slysko will run for the post of Zilina regional governor for the extra-parliamentary Voice-SD party in the regional elections due to be held this autumn, Voice-SD leader Peter Pellegrini announced at a news conference held in Cicmany (Zilina region) on Thursday.

Slysko’s priorities include transport infrastructure, tourism and care for all parts of Zilina region. “I consider helping people to be the most important thing in these difficult times. If the state has been fundamentally failing in this test, it is up to towns, villages and regions to help people. Along with my team, I’m offering people a managerial and result-oriented attitude. This means specific actions and not further promises from those who’ve already had their chance,” stressed Slysko.

According to Pellegrini, Voice-SD wants to combine experience with new energy. “Two years of this Government have clearly shown that competence and the ability to govern the state or local government is essential. The ability to bring new faces into politics who have already achieved something in their lives, to make use of their energy, tenacity and ability to look at things differently is also important. Peter Slysko is a young, but experienced manager. He made it to a top managerial post thanks to his own skills and efforts. He has experience in tourism, culture and transport,” said Pellegrini.

Current Zilina Regional governor Erika Jurinova, Vice-governor Igor Janckulik (KDH) and Frantisek Drozd (far-right LSNS) have already announced that they are running for the post. In addition, opposition Smer-SD leader Robert Fico has announced the candidacy of former Zilina mayor and National Highway Company director Igor Choma.